Walking Like Jesus - Daniel Chand

Walking Like Jesus - Daniel Chand

21 Episodes

Daniel Chand dives deeper in to what it looks like to walk like Jesus by teaching the level of God’s love for us and the great commission.

Walking Like Jesus - Daniel Chand
  • My Testimony

    Episode 1

    Daniel Chand introduces the series and shares his personal testimony of how he came to Christ from a life of drinking and fighting.

  • Levels Of God's Love: Levels Of Relationship

    Episode 2

    Bored or burnt out with Christianity? Daniel Chand inspires us to go deeper with God to the next level.

  • Levels Of God's Love: Identity In Christ

    Episode 3

    Who are we? Daniel Chand reveals how our identity in Christ is so, so important.

  • Levels Of God's Love: Righteousness Is The Foundation

    Episode 4

    What motivates us to evangelise? Daniel Chand wants us to make sure we are standing right before God and not walking in guilt.

  • Levels Of God's Love: Abiding In His Grace

    Episode 5

    God is looking for a people who are strong in faith. Daniel Chand reveals the reasons we are offered God's grace to overflowing.

  • Levels Of God's Love: Repentance Is Beautiful

    Episode 6

    How do we walk in repentance daily? Daniel Chand challenges us to change the way we think so our actions are different.

  • Levels Of God's Love: Father's Heart

    Episode 7

    What does the heart of Father God look like? Daniel Chand shares about what it truly means to be a child of God.

  • Hunger For God

    Episode 8

    Hunger moves the heart of God. Daniel Chand invites us to go deeper and be expectant to receive from God.

  • Spiritual Gifts: The Gift Of Speaking In Tongues

    Episode 9

    Want to take prayer to the next level? Daniel Chand teaches on the speaking in the heavenly language of tongues.

  • Spiritual Gifts: The Gift Of Discerning Of Spirits

    Episode 10

    Want to see people set free? Daniel Chand unpacks what it means to have divine discernment from God.

  • Spiritual Gifts: The Gift Of Faith

    Episode 11

    It's time to build up our faith. Daniel Chand encourages us that we should be challenged to have more faith like Jesus.

  • Spiritual Gifts: You Have Authority

    Episode 12

    We all have a ministry. Daniel Chand shares a powerful message about the level of authority we have in Christ concerning the Kingdom of God.

  • Power Of God: Power In The Blood

    Episode 13

    Daniel Chand speaks on the power in the blood of Jesus Christ and how this brings us near to God.

  • Power Of God: Power In The Name

    Episode 14

    Sometimes we have to move our own schedule for what God wants us to do. Daniel Chand shares a revelation on the power in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Power Of God: Don't Deny The Power

    Episode 15

    God can touch you, deliver you and save you. Daniel Chand stirs us up to believe for a powerful revival for this generation.

  • How To Keep The Fire Burning

    Episode 16

    Many believers start off enthusiastic in their faith. Daniel Chand reveals a revelation about how to keep the passion and fire burning for Jesus Christ.

  • The Great Commission

    Episode 17

    God released us to make a difference. Daniel Chand encourages us to go forth and preach the Gospel to the nations of this world.

  • Being Fully Loaded

    Episode 18

    We all have something to give! Daniel Chand shares how the Holy Spirit fills us to overflowing so He can pour out His blessings.

  • Supernatural Boldness

    Episode 19

    Lacking confidence? Daniel Chand challenges us to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to powerfully share the Gospel wherever we go.

  • Time For Action

    Episode 20

    When prophetic words are released, we need faith to be stirred to action. Daniel Chand reminds us that all things are possible when we believe.

  • Radical Obedience

    Episode 21

    Can you say 'Yes' to God even if it displeases the world? Daniel Chand explains how our actions are a reflection of our relationship with God.