Top Ten VOD from the past week.

  • TBN Meets Jay Smith

    Join us as we meet with evangelist Jay Smith to discuss evangelism testimonies and his desire to see the UK on fire for Christ.

  • Celebrating 50 years of Graham Kendrick

    Join Jake Isaac and friends as they travel through monumental moments in the life and ministry of worship leader, singer and songwriter, Graham Kendrick.

  • Activating Your Prophetic Identity

    In this episode we will define our God given identity and help you to understand it's components.

  • K-Love Fan Awards 2022

    Join hosts Mathew West and Tauren Wells for the only fan-voted awards show in Christian entertainment! This year's K-Love Fan Awards brings together the biggest names in Christian music, films, sports, books, and more!

  • When God Speaks: Rev David Peterson's Story

    In 2020, a global pandemic hit the UK. We follow Reverend David Peterson’s journey through tragedy, anger, obedience, and healing as God made His voice known.

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  • Dreams, Visions & Prophecy

    In this episode we will explore God's promise of the outpouring of The Holy Spirit and the strategic role dreams, visions and prophecy plays in God's plan.

  • Big Church Day Out 2020 special

    Enjoy Big Church Day Out from home, as we bring you highlights from previous years and exclusive interviews about the story of BCDO with Tim Jupp and Gemma Hunt.

  • TBN Meets Marcia Jones

    Entrepreneur Marcia Jones runs a monthly support group called Sister2SisterBU; women to better their wellbeing, confidence, and self-esteem. Hear about her journey of supporting women for two decades

  • Activating Your Faith

    This episode is about understanding what faith is and how to activate faith.

  • Wellness God's Way

    David Ingall invites you on a journey to re-discover the Old Testament book Jesus quoted more than any other. Explore what it shows us about how to live life well according to God’s ways.