TBN Selects: Mark Collard

TBN Selects: Mark Collard

5 Episodes

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TBN Selects: Mark Collard
  • God Said Live!

    Episode 1

    Ready to lift your faith? Mark Collard speaks from the book of Ezekiel and how God breathes on a valley of dry bones and brings life!

  • Right Side Up

    Episode 2

    God is able to renew our strength. Mark Collard delves into Psalm 23, looking at how God refreshes and restores our soul.

  • House of Miracles

    Episode 3

    God performs countless miracles! Mark Collard shares how we can live a life of blessing wherever we are called to be.

  • God's Forgotten Command - The Sabbath

    Episode 4

    Even God almighty took time to rest. Mark Collard encourages us to take time to rest in God's presence, have time out from our hectic lifestyles and the digital world.

  • It's In The Shout

    Episode 5

    Are we shouting for victory? Mark Collard shares a powerful testimony of a mighty miracle that God did for his son.