TBN Presents: Yinka Oyekan

TBN Presents: Yinka Oyekan

2 Seasons

Join Yinka Oyekan as he teaches on anointing. Yinka explores how you can activate your anointing, and the difference it can make to your life and surroundings once you understand how to release it.

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TBN Presents: Yinka Oyekan
  • Channelling Your Emotions Through Prayer

    Episode 1

    Pastor Yinka starts a new series looking at the incredible power that is released to believers through prayer.

  • The Transformative Power of Prayer

    Episode 2

    Pastor Yinka continues his series on the impact of prayer and how any believer can understand what prayer can do for them.

  • Prayer and Fasting

    Episode 3

    Yinka explains what fasting actually does and the transformative impact it can have on the outcomes we face in our lives.

  • Prayer Opens Up Heaven

    Episode 4

    Pastor Yinka concludes the current series of talks about the power and impact of prayer, looking at how prayer is the doorway into heaven.