TBN Presents: Yemi Adedeji

TBN Presents: Yemi Adedeji

2 Seasons

Canon Yemi Adedeji teaches us how to embrace the seasons in life. Knowing when a season is beginning and when it has come to an end is fundamental when accepted as God at work.

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TBN Presents: Yemi Adedeji
  • Waiting in Weakness

    Episode 1

    Rev Yemi starts a new series focusing on the strengths we have in weakness. This first talk looks at the times when we are waiting on the Lord and feeling particularly weak.

  • Faith in Weakness

    Episode 2

    Yemi talks about how our faith can be excuted when we are not feeling strong and able.

  • Intervention In weakness

    Episode 3

    Yemi looks at how God intervenes into situations of hopelessness to give us victory.

  • A Boast in Weakness

    Episode 4

    Yemi concludes his talks on finding strength in weakness by teaching on how we can acknowledge our weaknesses and humanity, and boast of how we can lean on the power of Christ.