TBN Presents : Valerie Elliot

TBN Presents : Valerie Elliot

2 Seasons

Join Valerie Elliot as she shares on how we can develop and maintain an intimate relationship with the Lord.

TBN Presents : Valerie Elliot
  • Loyalty to God

    Episode 1

    Why should we be loyal? Valerie Elliot unpacks Psalm 139 to see how truly faithful God is.

  • Living in Joy

    Episode 2

    Joy is something that the world doesn't understand. Valerie Elliot looks at how we can still be joyful, even when things are going wrong.

  • Knowing God's Voice

    Episode 3

    There are so many voices we hear each day. Valerie Elliot looks at how we can listen to the voice of God and communicate effectively with Him.

  • The Power of Surrender

    Episode 4

    Surrendering to God means surrendering to His love. Valerie Elliot explores how saying 'Yes' to Jesus, really sets us free!

  • My Lord and I

    Episode 5

    Join Valerie Elliot as she teaches on sharing a deep, intimate relationship with God and really discovering who He is.