TBN Presents : Valerie Elliot

TBN Presents : Valerie Elliot

2 Seasons

Join Valerie Elliot as she shares on how we can develop and maintain an intimate relationship with the Lord.

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TBN Presents : Valerie Elliot
  • The Heart of Worship

    Episode 1

    What is worship from God's perspective? Valerie Elliot shares on how we can experience worship in our everyday lives.

  • The Lifestyle of Worship

    Episode 2

    How do we do everything in the name of Jesus? Valerie Elliot explains how it is possible to live a lifestyle of honour and worship.

  • The Place of Worship

    Episode 3

    Where is the place of worship? Valerie Elliot looks at how our bodies our temples of the Holy Spirit and our heart is where worship takes place.

  • Being The New Me

    Episode 4

    As Christian we are called a new creation. Valerie Elliot explores what it really means, now Christ dwells in our hearts.

  • Supernatural Everyday

    Episode 5

    Valerie Elliot reads from the book of John, looking at how it is possible to live a life with signs and miracles every single day.

  • Friendship With God

    Episode 6

    Do you call yourself a friend of God? Valerie Elliot looks at how God desires an intimate relationship with us.