TBN Presents: Tasha Pettman

TBN Presents: Tasha Pettman

4 Episodes

Life is filled with ups and downs, even for Christians. This series will explore trials and triumphs we might face as we follow Jesus; how to push through the trials and press into the triumphs

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TBN Presents: Tasha Pettman
  • No Triumphs Without Troubles

    Episode 1

    Tasha Pettman introduces a new series looking at the trials and troubles we might face, and the hope we can have to face them.

  • In The Hurt

    Episode 2

    Tasha continues her series on triumphs and trials by looking at the topic of pain and grief.

  • God and Mental Health

    Episode 3

    Tasha address the trials of mental health and how we are not alone with this.

  • The Triumph of Provision

    Episode 4

    Tasha Pettman teaches on how God provides for us in the seasons of darkness.