TBN Presents: Stu Glassborow

TBN Presents: Stu Glassborow

2 Seasons

Join Stu Glassborow from Catch The Fire London, as he shares with you inspiring and life changing talks on encountering the fullness of God and then finding who we are in Him.

TBN Presents: Stu Glassborow
  • Knowledge, Evidence, Presence

    Episode 1

    There is a difference between God doing things in the church and God being in the church. Stu Glassborow encourages us to move from knowledge of God, to revelation of God, to relating to God.

  • Personal Pentecost

    Episode 2

    God wants to touch our hearts and lives. Stu Glassborow explores receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  • You're On A Journey

    Episode 3

    Sometimes our journey is more important than our destination. Stu Glassborow encourages us to look back and see what God has done in our lives, and see how we have been transformed.

  • Receive Your Healing

    Episode 4

    Ready for God's kingdom to come? Stu Glassborow speaks prophetically and inspires us to welcome the Holy Spirit in, to touch our lives.