TBN Presents: Paul Manwaring

TBN Presents: Paul Manwaring

2 Seasons

This series will take you on a journey around the word PURPOSE. God is the originator of purpose and in the awareness of His presence we can begin to birth our purpose, with a life of pursuit.

TBN Presents: Paul Manwaring
  • God, Presence & Purpose

    Episode 1

    Paul Manwaring introduces this series taking us on a journey discovering our purpose. God is the author of the past, present and future and dwelling in His presence enables us to unlock our true purpose for our lives.

  • Redemptive Purpose

    Episode 2

    We were all created with a desire to find purpose. Paul Manwaring explores God's purpose of redemption for the world.

  • Prophecy & Purpose

    Episode 3

    What is prophetic culture? Paul Manwaring explains how prophecy is designed to be a seed of purpose that grows in an environment that is full of encouragement.

  • Beauty & Purpose

    Episode 4

    What is beauty? Paul Manwaring invites us to dwell in the presence of God to find out the what God defines as beautiful, and how this is a key to discovering our purpose.

  • Identity & Purpose

    Episode 5

    A question each of us ask is 'What am I here for?' Paul Manwaring unpacks the relationship between identity and purpose.

  • Anointed For Purpose

    Episode 6

    It's not just priests and evangelists who have been anointed. Paul Manwaring reminds us we can be anointed to do anything if we spend time with God.

  • Discovering Purpose

    Episode 7

    What will be the impact of our life on earth? Paul Manwaring looks at how Jesus knew who he was, and why he came to the earth.

  • Pain, Pearls & Purpose

    Episode 8

    Pearls are beautiful, naturally occurring gemstones. When an irritant parasite or piece of grit bothers a mussel or clam, nacre is gradually released as a defence mechanism and hence a pearl is formed. Paul Manwaring reminds us God can turn our pain and suffering into a beautiful testimony.

  • Everyday Priests On Purpose

    Episode 9

    Are you waiting for someone to lay hands on you before sending you out? Paul Manwaring invites us to embrace the words and actions of Jesus and take on an apostolic mindset.

  • All Things Work Together For Purpose

    Episode 10

    God does not waste a moment of our life. Paul Manwaring explores at how God prepares us for our purpose.

  • Perseverance, Hope & Purpose

    Episode 11

    How do we keep pressing on in our purpose? Paul Manwaring shares how tribulation brings about perseverance, producing good character and in turn, hope.

  • Rest & Purpose

    Episode 12

    Rest doesn't have to be because we are tired. Paul Manwaring encourages us to find freedom for our soul and enjoy the fruit of our labour with God.