TBN Presents: Monica Collard

TBN Presents: Monica Collard

4 Episodes

Join Monica Collard, Pastor at Equippers Church as she explores topics such as 'I Will Fear No Evil' and 'Use Your Words'.

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TBN Presents: Monica Collard
  • Use Your Words


    Pastor Monica Collard starts a new series by encouraging us to be in communication with our heavenly father.

  • It's time to get up

    Episode 2

    Pastor Monica looks through several scriptures to encourage us of the importance of keep moving through times of trial and stand firm on God's Word.

  • I will fear no evil

    Episode 3

    Pastor Monica takes a look at one of the most famous psalms: Psalm 23

  • House of Worship

    Episode 4

    Monica encourages us not to limit our house of worship to just an expression on a Sunday.