TBN Presents : Mike Pilavachi

TBN Presents : Mike Pilavachi

3 Seasons

Exploring God's practical guidance, leading us into new life and wholesome relationships.

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TBN Presents : Mike Pilavachi
  • The Church Is Family

    Episode 1

    How can we model church on family? Mike Pilavachi looks at how the church is an army, a field hospital, a school and above all a family.

  • The Nazarite Vow

    Episode 2

    We are called to live wholehearted lives. Mike Pilavachi studies the life of Sampson and the lessons we can learn from the Nazarite vow he took.

  • From Son Of Thunder To Beloved Disciple

    Episode 3

    Jesus transforms lives. Mike Pilavachi looks at the example of John who became known as the disciple Jesus loved.

  • How To Be A Church That Welcomes The Holy Spirit

    Episode 4

    Longing for God to move? Mike Pilavachi analyses what conditions enable the church to allow the Holy Spirit to move supernaturally.

  • Act Of Worship

    Episode 5

    What does extravagant worship look like? Mike Pilavachi looks at the similarities between two acts of worship at the beginning of Jesus life and at the end, before He went to the cross.

  • When God Seems Distant

    Episode 6

    Mike Pilavachi teaches from the life of Elijah the prophet, and how he reacted to God's still small voice on Mount Horeb.

  • Lessons From The Desert

    Episode 7

    What is God's intention for our time in the dry, arid places? Mike Pilavachi teaches on Jesus time in the wilderness, after His baptism.

  • Evangelism As A Way Of Life

    Episode 8

    How can we evangelise like Jesus? Mike Pilavachi unpacks the story of the Samaritan woman at the well.