TBN Presents : Mike Pilavachi

TBN Presents : Mike Pilavachi

3 Seasons

Exploring God's practical guidance, leading us into new life and wholesome relationships.

TBN Presents : Mike Pilavachi
  • Do Whatever He Tells You

    Episode 1

    What does it mean to be obedient? Mike Pilavachi unpacks Jesus' first miracle, turning water into wine.

  • Wow, Woah, Go

    Episode 2

    What is it like to receive a call to ministry? Mike Pilavachi explores Isaiah's revelation and call to ministry.

  • The Value of the Boring, the Hidden & the Lonely

    Episode 3

    Preparation is key. Mike Pilavachi looks at the life of David and how he was prepared for kingship.

  • It's Not About You

    Episode 4

    What is the purpose of a call to leadership? Mike Pilavachi looks at the life of Joseph, who became a servant, a prisoner and then Pharaoh's right hand man.

  • Great Themes of the Bible - Part 1

    Episode 5

    What is the greatest theme in the Bible? Mike Pilavachi uncovers the times the Old Testament point to Jesus.

  • Great Themes of the Bible - Part 2

    Episode 6

    Why is a covenant so important? Mike Pilavachi explains that understanding the nature of God's covenant will change our lives.

  • Great Themes of the Bible - Part 3

    Episode 7

    God desires to be present with His people. Mike Pilavachi explores the holiness of God.

  • Great Themes of the Bible - Part 4

    Episode 8

    We are created for worshipping God. Mike Pilavachi discovers how relationship with God is the beginning of true worship.

  • God's Glory

    Episode 9

    What does the glory of God look like? Mike Pilavachi explores how love and mercy should go hand in hand with seeing God's power move.

  • The Power is in the Presence

    Episode 10

    We need to be a people of God's presence. Mike Pilavachi encourages us to turn our eyes towards Jesus.

  • Filled With The Holy Spirit

    Episode 11

    Mike Pilavachi shares his testimony of his first experience being filled with the Holy Spirit and feeling full of love and adoration for God.

  • A New Prayer Language

    Episode 12

    Why speak in tongues? Mike Pilavachi shares his own experience of receiving the gift of tongues.

  • Listening To God's Voice

    Episode 13

    God is always speaking. Mike Pilavachi explains how we need to be like sheep that know God's voice and follow Him.

  • Practical Prophesy

    Episode 14

    How does the gift of prophecy work? Mike Pilavachi teaches on 3 aspects of prophecy: revelation, interpretation and application.

  • Praying For Healing

    Episode 15

    Jesus hasn't stopped healing people and setting people free. Mike Pilavachi shares how we can pray for people like Jesus did.

  • Growing in Faith

    Episode 16

    Faith is a gift. Mike Pilavachi believes we should exercise our faith for it to grow deeper and stronger.

  • The Worship Of Heaven

    Episode 17

    Worship should be done in spirit and in truth. Mike Pilavachi delves into what the Bible says about worship.

  • Lessons From The Life Of Samuel

    Episode 18

    What is it like to be totally dedicated to God? Mike Pilavachi looks at the life of Samuel the prophet.

  • Generosity

    Episode 19

    Being generous is a kingdom principle. Mike Pilavachi looks at what Jesus said about money.

  • Jesus And The Two Other Disciples

    Episode 20

    What happens when we meet Jesus? Mike Pilavachi studies the revelation of the disciples as they first meet Jesus.

  • Lessons From Nehemiah For Every Christian

    Episode 21

    What constitutes a true call to ministry and leadership? Mike Pilavachi looks at what we can learn from the life of Nehemiah.

  • Understanding Jesus' New Commandment

    Episode 22

    Jesus told us to love one another. Mike Pilavachi unpacks the detail of this radical and sacrificial commandment.

  • My Power Made Perfect In Weakness

    Episode 23

    How does God use us in our weakness? Mike Pilavachi looks at the life of the apostle Paul, who saw God move powerfully through his weakness.

  • Sharing God's Heart For The Poor & Broken

    Episode 24

    God's heart is for the outcasts. Mike Pilavachi talks about what the Bible says about the importance of how we treat the poor.