TBN Presents: Jonny Pettman

TBN Presents: Jonny Pettman

4 Episodes

Join Jonny Pettman, Pastor of Liberty Church London, as he explores how we can impact and influence our towns, cities and villages with the Kingdom of God.

TBN Presents: Jonny Pettman
  • Log Flume Moments


    Jonny Pettman talks about the choice we have to live out the kingdom of God wherever it is that we live, work and play.

  • Turn and Transform

    Episode 2

    Jonny Pettman delves into the book of Nehemiah, speaking on God rebuilding His throne in our lives today.

  • Get Off The Cruise Ship

    Episode 3

    Becoming a Christian doesn't call us to an easy life. Jonny Pettman challenges us to be effective on our mission to share the Gospel of Jesus.

  • And Peter...

    Episode 4

    Jonny Pettman shares a word on the hymn 'Amazing Grace' and also how Jesus demonstrated His mercy and grace to the disciple Peter.