TBN Presents: Jonny Lee

TBN Presents: Jonny Lee

11 Episodes

Jonny Lee hosts a series of empowering talks on the topic of "Leaning to Leading" based on the life of Jacob.

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TBN Presents: Jonny Lee
  • Leaning To Leading: Leaders Leave A Blessing

    Episode 1

    Jonny Lee, senior pastor of Renewal Church in Solihull, introduces the series of empowering talks on the topic of "Leaning to Leading" based on the life of Jacob.

  • Leaning To Leading: Confidence

    Episode 2

    Looking at the life of Jacob in the book of Genesis, Jonny Lee shares how we can grow in confidence as leaders by sharing all the ups and downs with God.

  • Leaning To Leading: Leaders Build God's House

    Episode 3

    Jonny Lee encourages us to lean in and learn how we can build up God's kingdom honestly and authentically.

  • Leaning To Leading: Leaders Lead Out Of Love

    Episode 4

    We all know when we are being loved. Jonny Lee encourages us that we should lead others in love and demonstrate God's love to them.

  • Leaning To Leading: Leaders Develop A Tenacity

    Episode 5

    Jonny Lee encourages us that as leaders, we are not just climbing the mountain to reach the top, we are there to create a path for others to follow.

  • Fabric: Dig Deeper

    Episode 6

    Jonny Lee brings a new message on how we can develop strong foundations in our faith so we can play our part in building God's kingdom.

  • Fabric: We Are Loved

    Episode 7

    Looking at the book of Ephesians, Jonny Lee speaks on God's grace and love, and the guidelines God has given us to live our lives for Him.

  • Fabric: Devoted

    Episode 8

    What does wholehearted devotion to God look like? Jonny Lee shares a message on how God wants to define us, not control us.

  • Fabric: We Are Not Limited

    Episode 9

    Are we held back by limitations? Jonny Lee challenges us that anything is possible with God, if we believe.

  • Fabric: Servant Hearted

    Episode 10

    How can we become more Christlike? Jonny Lee teaches on having a servant heart like Jesus.

  • Fabric: Hard Times

    Episode 11

    We all face challenging and difficult situations. Jonny Lee speaks on how we can trust that God will give us the strength to carry on.