TBN Presents: Dr Lavanya Dua

TBN Presents: Dr Lavanya Dua

5 Episodes

Dr Lavanya Dua, from Equippers Church Surrey, shares how we can have good mental health - how we can renew our minds, overcome stress, anxiety and depression, and break the power of fear.

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TBN Presents: Dr Lavanya Dua
  • How To Renew Your Mind


    Dr Lavanya starts a new series looking at how God has made us, and how we can have our best health and live our best life that God has intended for us

  • Overcoming Stress

    Episode 2

    Dr Dua teaches on how to overcome our natural response to dealing with pressure and be how God made us to be.

  • Powerful Keys For Our Best Mental Health

    Episode 3

    God has created our mind to be unique creations and wants us to have good mental health. Dr Dua unpacks how we can have our best mental health.

  • How To Overcome Anxiety & Depression

    Episode 4

    Dr Dua focuses on another area of improving our mental health by sharing tools about overcoming anxiety and depression.

  • Breaking The Power Of Fear In A Pandemic

    Episode 5

    Dr Lavanya concludes this current series by addressing the pandemic of fear.