TBN Presents: Daniel Chand

TBN Presents: Daniel Chand

2 Seasons

Join Daniel Chand for some dynamic preaching on evangelism and identity, which will empower you to walk like Jesus.

TBN Presents: Daniel Chand
  • Dead Man Walking

    Episode 1

    What does it mean to be a dead man walking? Daniel Chand unpacks what it means to be crucified with Christ.

  • Fellowship With Jesus

    Episode 2

    Is our best friend Jesus? Join Daniel Chand as he speaks about what it means to have Jesus as number one in our life.

  • The Name has Power

    Episode 8

    Who has the most powerful name? Join Daniel Chand as he brings revelation of the power in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Using The Name of Jesus

    Episode 3

    The name of Jesus is so powerful. Daniel Chand teaches about having faith in the name of Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

  • Believer’s Authority

    Episode 4

    It is time for the power of God to be released in the church. Daniel Chand encourages us to walk in the authority Jesus has given us, to bring transformation.

  • Tenacious Faith

    Episode 5

    Are we sold out for Jesus? Daniel Chand challenges us to stop sitting on the fence and give Jesus our whole life.

  • It's All About Jesus

    Episode 6

    Want to truly seek the Lord? Join Daniel Chand as he reminds us that the reason we do what we do, should be all about Jesus and advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

  • The Fire of The Holy Spirit

    Episode 7

    Sometimes believers can give up quickly. Daniel Chand inspires us to press forward for breakthrough and to witness the fire of the Holy Spirit in our lives.