TBN Presents: Daniel Chand

TBN Presents: Daniel Chand

2 Seasons

Join Daniel Chand for some dynamic preaching on evangelism and identity, which will empower you to walk like Jesus.

TBN Presents: Daniel Chand
  • Hunger for God

    Episode 1

    Christianity isn't some dead religion. Daniel Chand shares how he developed a spiritual appetite for a move of God and seeing signs and wonders.

  • Hunger For God - Part 2

    Episode 2

    Many Christians become apathetic in their faith. Daniel Chand continues to speak on how we can become followers of Christ who diligently and earnestly seek Him.

  • Power In The Blood Of Jesus

    Episode 3

    The 'blood of Jesus' is something Christians talk about a lot. Daniel Chand preaches on the power of Jesus' blood and the true cost of salvation.

  • Gift Of Righteousness

    Episode 4

    Want to be set free from guilt? Daniel Chand speaks about how receiving righteousness from God enables a spiritual boldness in our lives.

  • Jesus The Evangelist

    Episode 5

    Winning souls for Christ should be our top priority. Daniel Chand reminds us of the great commission, for us to tell the world about Jesus and the gift of eternal life.

  • Faith In The Name Of Jesus

    Episode 6

    How powerful is the name of Jesus? Daniel Chand shares testimony of freedom from nightmares, night terrors and spiritual attacks.

  • Fire of the Holy Ghost

    Episode 7

    If we don't have the anointing of the Holy Spirit, what do we have? Daniel Chand calls us to demonstrate God's power through the Holy Spirit.

  • How To Keep The Fire Burning

    Episode 8

    Through trials and tribulations how do we keep stoking the fire of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Daniel Chand inspires us to remain in an intimate relationship with Jesus.