TBN Presents: Becky Harcourt

TBN Presents: Becky Harcourt

5 Episodes

Becky Harcourt relates from her own experience how the presence, power and goodness of God helps us in our difficulties and heals us where we’re wounded, freeing us to join a life of adventure with Him.

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TBN Presents: Becky Harcourt
  • Ambushed by the Spirit


    Becky Harcourt, leader of All Saints' Woodford Wells, shares how the Holy Spirit set her free from a life of guilt and shame.

  • Escaping the Guilt Trap

    Episode 2

    Becky shares how importance the promise of forgiveness is to overcoming our guilt and shame.

  • Overcoming the Betrayal Barrier

    Episode 3

    Pastor Becky shares what she has learned in overcoming trials of disappointment.

  • Walking Out of the Valley of Weeping

    Episode 4

    Becky looks at the process of moving on from a period of suffering - whether that may be dissappointment, sickness, trauma, or abuse - and how we can heal by moving on in the right direction.

  • Restored By The Spirit

    Episode 5

    Pastor Becky concludes the current series by looking at what it means to be restored by the Holy Spirit after a time of suffering.