TBN Presents: Andy Elmes

TBN Presents: Andy Elmes

2 Seasons

Andy Elmes, lead pastor of Family Church, looks at the important spiritual foundations that we can build our lives upon. Topics will include grace, justification, the new creation and more.

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TBN Presents: Andy Elmes
  • Having A Correct Identity

    Episode 1

    Pastor Andy Elmes starts a new series looking at good foundations of truth in the life of a believer.

  • Being a Kingdom-Minded People

    Episode 2

    Pastor Andy looks at another keystone truth in the heart of a believer: how we can be Kingdom-conscious

  • The Starting Point of a Believer

    Episode 3

    Pastor Andy looks at the key concept of what is the starting block for our race in life?

  • Oneness With God

    Episode 4

    Andy Elmes teaches on the oneness we can know with God in our relationship with Him.

  • Effective Prayer Lives

    Episode 5

    Pastor Andy looks at how we can have a healthy prayer lilfe.

  • Called to Multiply

    Episode 6

    Andy concludes the current series on good foundations by focusing on God's plan for multiplication.