TBN Presents: Andrew Cannon

TBN Presents: Andrew Cannon

8 Episodes

Join Evangelist Andrew Cannon of Gospel Grenades as he encourages us to share our faith in everyday life, causing a shift in the atmosphere wherever we go.

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TBN Presents: Andrew Cannon
  • Evangelism Through Your Testimony


    The world needs to hear our testimony! Andrew Cannon challenges us to always be ready to speak about Jesus.

  • Jesus Wants Your Platform

    Episode 2

    Are we willing to give Jesus space to move wherever we are? Andrew Cannon speaks from the passage where Jesus took Peter's boat to use as a platform to preach from.

  • Thermostat or Thermometer

    Episode 3

    How do we see ourselves as believers? Andrew Canon explores how, as followers of Jesus, we can change the atmosphere and influence our surroundings.

  • It's a Different Kind of Power

    Episode 4

    Nothing can compare to the power of God. Andrew Cannon invites us to be expectant of God to move in our lives.

  • One Master Not Two

    Episode 5

    Jesus emphasizes the fact that we do not need to worry. Andrew Cannon shares how we can trust God wholly, and cast our burdens upon Him.

  • Dare to Share

    Episode 6

    Are we brave enough to tell people about Jesus? Andrew Cannon reminds us that there are plenty of people ready to receive Christ.

  • Push Through for Your Breakthrough

    Episode 7

    We all need faith, hope and courage. Andrew Cannon looks at the incredible story of the woman healed from the issue of blood.

  • Elevator Altar Call

    Episode 8

    How can we make the most of every opportunity God gives us? Andrew Cannon equips us with tips and tactics to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our testimony effectively.