TBN Presents: Alex McLean

TBN Presents: Alex McLean

8 Episodes

This series aims to help young people walk in the authority that is available to them in Christ Jesus and to inspire them to know what life as a kingdom ambassador is like.

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TBN Presents: Alex McLean
  • He's Waiting To Welcome You

    Episode 1

    We are on the brink of revelation! Youth Pastor Alex McLean shares his testimony and the parable of the prodigal son.

  • The Righteousness Of God

    Episode 2

    The righteous man shall live by faith. Alex McLean teaches us that as believers, Christ has deemed us not guilty!

  • Union - A Daily Reality

    Episode 3

    The awareness of our union with Jesus, as Christians, comes from the Holy Spirit. Alex McLean encourages us to intentionally spend one on one time with Father God.

  • Culture Clash

    Episode 4

    What culture will you be for? Alex McLean looks at the practises of the early Christians in the book of Acts.

  • How To Function In A World That Hates You

    Episode 5

    As a Christian, we can become enemy number one for what we stand for. Alex McLean encourages us that Jesus is interceding for us, as it becomes increasingly difficult to share our faith.

  • What Does it Look Like to Stand?

    Episode 6

    In order to stand, we need to have a firm foundation. Alex Mclean asks us to asses what we really stand on as believers in Christ.

  • How Do We Handle Loss?

    Episode 7

    How do we cope when we lose loved ones? Alex Mclean shares the encouragement we have as believers for those we are mourning for.

  • The Bridegroom is on the Way

    Episode 8

    The news that overshadows everything is that Christ will return! Alex McLean unpacks the scriptures that explain what it will be like when Jesus, our bridegroom, comes back for His bride, the church.