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TBN Meets
  • TBN Meets Lian Jacobs

    Episode 44

    Larissa sits down with Lian Jacobs, the African and Caribbean engagment team leader for the Well at Tearfund to discuss their plans for Declaration 2023 - a week of worship, prayer, and the Word of God.

  • TBN Meets Tommy Lilja - part 2

    Episode 43

    Part 2 of Emily's conversation with Pastor Tommy Lilja, finding all about the evangelistic crusades of Tommy Lilja Ministries

  • TBN Meets Tommy Lilja - part 1

    Episode 42

    Pastor Tommy Lilja is founder of Tommy Lilja ministries, a world-wide non-profit organisation which has helped millions since it started in 1996. Tommy shares how it all stared, and he became the powerful man of God he is today.

  • TBN Meets: Karis Kids

    Episode 41

    Larrissa sits down with Will Law and Bishop Zac from Karis Kids, a charity that is helping get children out of poverty in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. They do this by linking families in the UK to families in the slums, who often look after several non-biological/orphaned children.

  • TBN Meets RT Kendall

    Episode 40

    RT is an international speaker and teacher who pastored Westminster Chapel for 25 years and is also an author of more than 50 books, one of which has recently been released and is called ‘Prophetic Integrity: Aligning Our Words with God's Word’.

  • TBN Meets Mick Fleming

    Episode 39

    Pastor Mick Fleming is pastor of Church on the Street in Burnley, a community dedicated to helping others, particularly those who find themselves homeless, struggling with addictions or on the bread line.

  • TBN Meets Naomi Lawson Jacobs and Emily Richardson

    Episode 38

    Naomi is a disabled, neurodivergent social researcher and disability equality trainer, and Emily Richardson is a disabled writer, and both authors have collaborated together to write a new book called ‘At The Gates: Disability, Justice and the Churches’.

  • TBN Meets Shabazz Graham

    Episode 37

    Larissa sits down with Shabazz Graham, a writer, filmmaker, CEO and co-founder of QCast, a new insightful video-based social media platform.

  • TBN Meets Richard Reddie

    Episode 36

    Larissa speaks to author Richard Reddie about his book Race for Justice, and about how he encourages churches to respond to issues relating to racial justice in church, and also in society.

  • TBN Meets Jeremie Alamazani

    Episode 35

    Larissa speaks to Jeremie Alamazani, CEO at Wealth Partners Limited, about the Pan African Heritage Museum, a project currently under construction and scheduled to open in Accra, Ghana in 2023/2024.

  • TBN Meets Cece Winans

    Episode 34

    Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Cece Winans talks with Taylor about her music and God's promises over her life.

  • TBN Meets Michael W Smith

    Episode 33

    Taylor sits down with award winning singer-songwriter Michael W Smith and chats about the inspiration for his new music and about staying grounded in his faith.

  • TBN Meets Gospel Heritage Project

    Episode 32

    Emily sits down with Platoon Records artists, Lurine Cato, Volney Morgan & Sharyn, to share with us about The Gospel Heritage Project, which celebrates Gospel Heritage month.

  • TBN Meets Gemma Hunt

    Episode 31

    Emily sits down with television presenter Gemma Hunt, as she talks to us about her thriving television career, and the release of her first children’s book ‘A Good Friend’.

  • TBN Meets Tania Harris

    Episode 30

    Emily sits down with Reverend Dr. Tania Harris, as she talks to us about her new book, ‘The Church who hears God’s voice'

  • TBN Meets Dr Michael Youssef

    Episode 29

    Emily sits down with Dr Michael Youssef as he talks about his ministry, ‘Leading the Way’, and its 20th anniversary of ministry in the UK.

  • TBN Meets Jo Saxton

    Episode 28

    On this TBN Meets, we speak to Jo Saxton, an international speaker and women's leadership coach. Join our discussion on all things leadership.

  • TBN Meets Hannah Williamson

    Episode 27

    Emily sits down with Hannah Williamson to discuss how we can equip the next generation to be young leaders, and her new book 'The Mordecai Method'.

  • TBN Meets Rachel John

    Episode 26

    West-End performer and music artist Rachel John talks about theatre-life and her new album 'From my Lips to Gods Ears’, and performs two newly-released tracks.

  • TBN Meets Paul Gibbs

    Episode 25

    Paul Gibbs, founder of The Pais Movement, talks about this discipleship-led organisation, and his newest book, ‘The Shapes Test’.

  • TBN Meets Franklin Graham

    Episode 24

    Franklin Graham, the CEO of ‘Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, has devoted his life to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus. Be inspired to tap into you own evangelistic ministry and see how you can prioritise spreading the gospel.

  • TBN Meets Samuel Bella

    Episode 23

    Samuel Bella talks about his journey in music, worship in the UK, and performs his newest single, ‘Move’.

  • TBN Meets Jay Smith

    Episode 22

    Join us as we meet with evangelist Jay Smith to discuss evangelism testimonies and his desire to see the UK on fire for Christ.

  • TBN Meets Marcia Jones

    Episode 21

    Entrepreneur Marcia Jones runs a monthly support group called Sister2SisterBU; women to better their wellbeing, confidence, and self-esteem. Hear about her journey of supporting women for two decades