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TBN Meets
  • TBN Meets Jane Pleace and Seth Pinnock

    Episode 36

    Emily sits down with Tearfund's Jane Pleace and Seth Pinnock to hear all about The Well - a powerful initiative working with black Christians and black majority churches to tackle extreme poverty and injustice

  • TBN Meets Dara Olagbami

    Episode 35

    The Editor-in-Chief of Grace Magazine; Dara Olagbami sits in the hot seat with Larissa to reveal all about her modern fresh magazine, which was launched back in 2018.

  • TBN Meets Molly Clark

    Episode 34

    Join Taylor as she speaks to a member of the ‘Young Christian Climate Network’; Molly Clark, to explore ways we can look after our climate and hear all about their recent ‘Relay pilgrimage’ to COP26.

  • TBN Meets Tom Jackson

    Episode 33

    With Christmas right around the corner, Tom Jackson; CEO of 'Love Your Neighbour' provides tangible ways to spread God's love during this season with their new campaign - 'Love Christmas'.

  • TBN Meets Sharlene Monique

    Episode 32

    Emily is joined by soulful singer-songwriter Sharlene-Monique, who sits down for an intimate conversation about her book, faith, and singing career. Plus, treats us to two performances.

  • TBN Meets Edward Smyth

    Episode 31

    Edward Smyth reveals how a a brief prison sentence back catalysed a lifelong change. He has co- written a book ‘Doing Time’; which includes reflections on his experiences during and after prison.

  • TBN Meets Monique Mcken

    Episode 30

    Award-winning gospel artist Monique McKen, has always had a calling to sing; starting from the tender age of three. She tells Emily about her musical journey, walk with God, and performs two tracks.

  • TBN Meets Kemi Bamgbose

    Episode 29

    Journalist, songwriter and now author, Kemi Bamgbose joins Emily to share about how her passion for words and obedience in God, led her to write a children’s book ‘When Mr Mandela Came To Town’.

  • TBN Meets Jonty Lees

    Episode 28

    Emily is joined by Music Artist and Worship Leader, Jonty Lees, as he talks to us about his newly-released EP ‘Dawn til Dusk’, and performs two of his new singles for us.

  • TBN Meets Emma Borquaye

    Episode 27

    Emily is joined by Emma Borquaye, founder of the multi award-winning online platform, ‘Girl Got Faith’, as she talks with us about her newly-released book, ‘Discovering You’.

  • TBN Meets David Stretton-Downes

    Episode 26

    Emily is joined by David Stretton-Downes, CEO of Bobbies Brownies, who shares the vision behind these ginormous treats, plus staff put the brownies to the test, will they taste as good as they look?

  • TBN Meets Roger Chilvers

    Episode 25

    Emily is joined by Roger Chilvers, BGEA’s UK Director of Training and Church Ministry. He talks about this year’s Evangelism Summit, taking place in four cities, from 12 October to 15 November.

  • TBN Meets Paul Estabrooks

    Episode 24

    Emily is joined by Paul Estabrooks from Open Doors, as he shares with us about ‘Project Pearl’, the biggest Bible-smuggling operation in world history in 1981.

  • TBN meets Jane Kirby

    Episode 23

    Emily is joined by Jane Kirby, founder of ‘Rebel Hearts for Rebel Girls’, who shares with us about the mission behind her publishing company, and all about Truth magazine.

  • TBN Meets Still Shadey

    Episode 22

    Emily is joined by award-winning Music Artist, Still Shadey, as he shares his inspiring testimony and performs some of his newest music for us.

  • TBN Meets Jennie Pollock

    Episode 21

    Emily is joined by Jennie Pollock, as she talks about her new book ‘If Only - Finding Contentment in the Face of Lack and Longing’.

  • TBN Meets Louie Giglio

    Episode 20

    Emily is joined by best-selling author and Pastor, Louie Giglio from Passion City Church in Atlanta, as he talks to us about his new book ‘Don’t Give the Enemy A Seat At Your Table’.

  • TBN Meets Apostle Grace Lubega

    Episode 19

    Emily is joined by Apostle Grace Lubega from Phaneroo Ministries in Uganda, as he talks to us about his new programme now airing on TBNUK.

  • TBN Meets James Aladiran

    Episode 18

    Taylor is joined by James Aladiran, as he talks all about his new book 'Life on Fire'.

  • TBN Meets Emily Holden

    Episode 17

    Taylor is joined by Emily Holden from Welcome Churches, as they have an insightful discussion about the government's New Plan for Immigration.

  • TBN Meets Yinka Oyekan

    Episode 16

    Emily is joined by Yinka Oyekan as he talks about The Turning, the vision behind it and how it is equipping the local church in evangelism and discipleship across the UK and beyond.

  • TBN Meets Tim Harding

    Episode 15

    Emily is joined by Tim Harding, Founder of the prayer ministry New Kapporet, as he talks about the vision behind this charity and the launch of their new Christian helpline.

  • TBN Meets Emma Buchan

    Episode 14

    Emily is joined by Emma Buchan, Project Director for Thy Kingdom Come, as she talks about the 2021 global prayer movement event running from May 13th - May 23rd 2021.

  • TBN Meets Bruce Dyer

    Episode 13

    Emily is joined by ex-footballer turned pastor, Bruce Dyer, as he shares his incredible testimony and talks about his journey with God since retiring from football.