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5 Seasons

TBN Meets - where faith meets culture. Hear from Christian ministries, innovators, authors, artists and creatives.

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TBN Meets
  • TBN Meets Seth Pinnock

    Episode 1

    Emily joins Seth Pinnock as he talks about ‘Declaration 2021’ a live show covering the New Year’s Prayer Week airing in January on TBNUK.

  • TBN Meets Amy Orr-Ewing

    Episode 2

    Emily speaks to Amy Orr-Ewing, Director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, about her new book 'Where is God in All The Suffering?'

  • TBN Meets Becky Murray

    Episode 3

    Emily is joined by Becky Murray, founder and president of One By One and The Dignity Project reaching children with God's love.

  • TBN Meets Nick Cole, Samaritans Purse

    Episode 4

    Emily is joined by Nick Cole, Director of Operation Christmas Child in the UK.

  • TBN Meets Hannah Mumford

    Episode 5

    Taylor is joined by Hannah Mumford as she talks about her Christian clothing line, 'Making Him Known' and the vision behind it.

  • TBN Meets Paul Cowley

    Episode 6

    Taylor is joined by Paul Cowley as he talks about his new book called Thief Prisoner Soldier Priest.

  • TBN Meets Taylor Bentliff

    Episode 7

    Emily is joined by Taylor Bentliff, the Founder of Clarity Magazine, as she talks about the launch, purpose and vision behind her faith- based lifestyle magazine.

  • TBN Meets Penny Ellis

    Episode 8

    Emily is joined by Penny Ellis as she talks about overcoming mental health struggles, being in the public eye and her new book 'A River through My Desert'.

  • TBN Meets Henry Costa

    Episode 9

    Emily is joined by Henry Costa as he talks about his new daily worship app, Glorify.

  • TBN Meets Nick and Becky Drake

    Episode 10

    Emily is joined by Nick and Becky Drake as they talk about their new music releases and perform an acoustic version of their song, 'City on a Hill'.

  • TBN Meets Lily Jo

    Episode 11

    Emily is joined by Lily-Jo as she talks about her new music releases and some of the wellbeing projects being held by The Lily-Jo project.

  • TBN Meets Jeffery Lestz

    Episode 12

    ***COMMENT BELOW TO WIN A COPY OF HIS BOOK*** Emily is joined by Jeffery Lestz as he talks about his personal testimony to coming to Christ, becoming a millionaire by the age of 31, and his new book ‘Against All Odds’.

  • TBN Meets Philippa Hanna

    Episode 13

    Taylor is joined by Philippa Hanna as she talks about her new Album 'Stained Glass Stories', and performs her new releases 'Trust' and 'Everything is Possible'.

  • TBN Meets Andy Flute

    Episode 14

    Taylor is joined by Andy Flute who talks about his boxing career, his salvation and his new book 'Jesus In My Corner'.

  • TBN Meets Phil Knox

    Episode 15

    Taylor is joined by Phil Knox as he talks about Evangelical Alliance and his new book 'Story Bearer'.

  • TBN Meets Rich Wilson and Isaac Robinson

    Episode 16

    Emily speaks to Rich Wilson, from Fusion Movement, and Isaac Robinson, about how the pandemic has affected students across the country.

  • TBN Meets Linking Lives

    Episode 17

    Emily speaks to Jeremy Sharpe, from Linking Lives UK, as they discuss loneliness and how it is affecting people all over the UK, especially during this season of lockdown.

  • TBN Meets NHS Staff

    Episode 18

    Emily speaks to Harry, a Doctor, and Catherine, a Midwife, on how life has been for them in the hospitals since the Pandemic.

  • TBN Meets: Parenting During Lockdown

    Episode 20

    Emily talks with Andrew and Louise Cherrie as they share practical tips on how to parent well in a time of crisis.

  • TBN Meets: Marriage in a Time of Crisis

    Episode 21

    Emily talks to Michaela Hyde and Emma Waring about how to have a strong and healthy marriage in a time of crisis.

  • TBN Meets Peter Willson

    Episode 22

    Emily talks to Peter Willson, a Consultant Surgeon and Medical Director, he shares his experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • TBN Meets The Portable Priest

    Episode 23

    Emily talks to Rev Pat Allerton, also known as the Portable Priest, he shares what he has been doing on the streets of London during the pandemic.

  • TBN Meets Mission Without Borders

    Episode 24

    Emily speaks to Stephen Young, Managing Director of Mission Without Borders, as he shares about the work they are doing in this season.

  • TBN Meets Ealing Soup Kitchen

    Episode 25

    Emily speaks to Andrew Mcleay, the manager of the Ealing Soup Kitchen, as he shares about the work they are doing in their borough during this season.