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TBN Meets - where faith meets culture. Hear from Christian ministries, innovators, authors, artists and creatives.

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TBN Meets
  • TBN Meets Rich di Castiglione & Eric Sandor

    Episode 1

    John Fleming Meets Rich di Castiglione & Eric Sandor from David’s Tent, an annual summer event that gathers thousands of Christians from across all different church streams for three days of non-stop worship.

  • TBN Meets James Myer

    Episode 2

    Leon Schoeman Meets James Myer the founder of TBN Uncharted, bringing the good news to unreached communities in practical ways.

  • TBN Meets Andrew & Louise Cherrie

    Episode 3

    John Fleming Meets Andrew & Louise Cherrie from Love146, an international human rights organisation working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention.

  • TBN Meets Will Van Der Hart

    Episode 4

    Genelle Meets with Will Van Der Hart, Pastoral Chaplain at HTB in central London. He is also a founding director of The Mind and Soul Foundation, a mental and emotional health think tank with an international reach.

  • TBN Meets Pete Greig

    Episode 5

    Genelle Aldred Meets Pete Greig, a best-selling author, pastor and bewildered instigator of the 24-7 Prayer movement which has reached more than half the nations on earth.

  • TBN Meets Jules Murdy and Catherine Burt

    Episode 6

    Genelle Aldred Meets Jules Murdy director of Girls' Brigade Ministries, and Catherine Burt Assistant Director & Communications Manager.

  • TBN Meets Adrian and Bridget Plass

    Episode 7

    Genelle Aldred Meets Adrian and Bridget Plass, one of the biggest selling UK Christian authors and best known for The Sacred Diary series.

  • TBN Meets Sharon Prentis

    Episode 8

    Genelle Aldred Meets Rev Dr Sharon Prentis, Intercultural Mission Enabler & Dean of Black and Minority Ethnic Affairs for the Church of England in Birmingham.

  • TBN Meets Martin Smith

    Episode 9

    Genelle Aldred Meets Martin Smith, world renowned worship artist, songwriter, and producer.

  • TBN Meets Pete Portal

    Episode 11

    Genelle Aldred Meets Pete Portal, Core Team Leader at Tree of Life Church and Author of his first book ‘No Neutral Ground’.

  • TBN Meets Steve Bassett

    Episode 12

    Genelle Aldred Meets Steve Bassett, Collaborator, Founder and Executive Producer of The Nine Beats Collective.

  • TBN Meets Vicky Walker

    Episode 13

    Genelle Aldred Meets Vicky Walker, talking about her book ‘Relatable’, a challenging exploration of how faith, church and culture can impact our relationships and our expectations.

  • TBN Meets Shane Claiborne

    Episode 14

    Genelle Aldred Meets Shane Claiborne, speaker, activist, and best-selling author. Talking about his work with Red Letter Christians UK and their bold new project ‘The Beating Knives’ Tour.

  • TBN Meets Liz and James Grier

    Episode 15

    Genelle Aldred Meets Dr Liz and Rev James Grier, Church Leaders of Unlimited Church, Exeter.

  • TBN Meets Mark Bradford 'Maranto'

    Episode 16

    Genelle Aldred Meets Maranto, a Jamaica-born singer, songwriter, and producer. Talking about his new album ‘Faith through the Fire’.

  • TBN Meets Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin

    Episode 18

    Genelle Aldred Meets Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the first black female bishop for the Church of England.

  • TBN Meets Andrew and Sue Owen

    Episode 19

    Genelle Aldred Meets the Andrew and Sue Owen, founders of Destiny Ministries, the Senior Pastors at Destiny Church Glasgow, and the Principals of Destiny College.

  • TBN Meets William Adoasi

    Episode 20

    Genelle Aldred Meets William Adaosi, a worship leader at Hillsong, photographer and creator of Vitae London, a watch company that challenges itself to make real-world changes.

  • TBN Meets Gavin Calver

    Episode 21

    Genelle Aldred Meets Gavin Calver, Director of Mission at Evangelical Alliance, the oldest and largest evangelical unity movement in the UK.

  • TBN Meets RT Kendall

    Episode 22

    Genelle Aldred Meets RT Kendall, world renowned author, minister, and speaker.

  • TBN Meets Bernice Hardie

    Episode 23

    Genelle Aldred Meets Bernice Hardie, Co-Founder of WAVE, an incredible organisation established by parents moved by their faith to create a more inclusive society.

  • TBN Meets Manoj Raithatha

    Episode 24

    Genelle Aldred Meets Manoj Raithatha, former teacher, Bafta award-winning TV writer, a successful property entrepreneur and Pastor of Barking Baptist Church.

  • TBN Meets Olly and Helen Goldenberg

    Episode 25

    Genelle Aldred Meets Olly & Helen Goldenberg, founders of the Children Can ministry, helping churches disciple the next generation to live for Jesus.

  • TBN Meets Rev Celia Apeagyei

    Episode 26

    Genelle Aldred Meets Reverend Celia Apeagyei Collins, Founder and President of the Rehoboth Foundation.