St Sepulchre's In The City

St Sepulchre's In The City

33 Episodes

David Ingall is the Vicar of St Sepulchre's in the City of London.

St Sepulchre's In The City
  • Can You Pursue Peace?

    Episode 1

    David Ingall introduces the series and challenges us to think and dwell on the peace that God gives, that passes all understanding.

  • Rejoice in the Lord

    Episode 2

    Why does rejoicing lead to peace? David Ingall looks at thanksgiving, positive thinking and rejoicing in God.

  • Blessing Others

    Episode 3

    David Ingall continues on his journey of pursuing peace and building relationships and being a blessing to others in our everyday lives.

  • Pray Away Anxiety

    Episode 4

    Join David Ingall, the Vicar of St Sepulchre's in the City of London, on this special episode about how to pray away anxiety.

  • Needing God

    Episode 5

    Do we really need God? David Ingall speaks on seeking more of the presence of God.

  • Experiencing God

    Episode 6

    David Ingall looks at what the Holy Spirit was doing with the early church, in the book of Acts, and the incredible experiences of the disciples.

  • Sharing God

    Episode 7

    After the incredible experience of Pentecost, the believers begin to share their faith boldly. David Ingall looks at the results of the disciples being filled with the Holy Spirit.

  • Living for God

    Episode 8

    Our lives should reveal our faith. David Ingall shares practical ways we can put into practice living for God wherever we are and whatever we do.

  • Healing with God

    Episode 9

    God moves in miracles, signs and wonders. David Ingall teaches from the miracles that were performed amongst the early church, in the book of Acts.

  • Struggling with Judgement: A Beginning

    Episode 11

    Often Christians can ignore the judgement that God brings and talks about in the Bible. David Ingall confronts the topic of God's judgement.

  • Struggling with Judgement: God's Perspective

    Episode 15

    God's doesn't see things the way we do. David Ingall communicates God's response to us when we reject Him.

  • Struggling with Judgement: The Cross

    Episode 16

    God's judgment and Jesus' sacrifice on the cross go hand in hand. David Ingall takes a closer look at how we are justified freely through the cross.

  • Struggling with Judgement: The End

    Episode 17

    Why would God punish people eternally? David Ingall grapples with the final judgement of the world.

  • Visions and Vegetarians: Our God Reigns

    Episode 18

    David Ingall looks at the the life and times of Daniel, the context he found himself in exile, and how he dealt with being in a place where his faith in God wasn't readily accepted.

  • Visions and Vegetarians: Faithful in the Small Things

    Episode 19

    Reading from Daniel chapter 1, David Ingall examines how Daniel and his friends were faithful in the small routine, day to day things.

  • Challenge to be Humble

    Episode 24

    Are we passionate about humility and unity? David Ingall challenges us to love, grow and flourish and value others above ourselves.

  • The Privilege of Prayer

    Episode 25

    The Bible has so much to say about worship. David Ingall unpacks what the core and the heart of worship to God is all about.

  • The Power of Prayer

    Prayer changes things. David Ingall inspires us to pray more because we want to, not because we need to.

  • The Practice of Prayer

    Episode 27

    What does Jesus say about prayer? David Ingall takes us through the Lord's Prayer as an example for us to follow and practice regularly.

  • Judgement

    Episode 35

    There is no escaping judgement. David Ingall delves into the story of Amos, and his prophecies on God's judgement and grace.

  • Re-Discovering a Masterpiece

    Episode 42

    Reading from Psalm 23, David Ingall explores the relevance the words have in this day and age.

  • Good Things from a Good God

    Episode 43

    What to we want in life? David Ingall looks at how making God the leader or shepherd of our life is the best decision we can ever make.

  • Dealing with Darkness

    Episode 44

    We all need restoration. David Ingall shares how in the difficulties and the darkness of life, we can be comforted by Jesus the Good Shepherd.

  • Blessing Beyond Darkness

    Episode 22

    The Bible has so much to say about worship. David Ingall unpacks what the core and the heart of worship to God is all about.