Secrets of an Inner Circle

Season 1 Episode 1 25m

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4 Episodes

Don't Hide, Seek Your Gifts

Nia-Cerise concludes her current series of talks by sharing how God is ready to use us for His glory.

The 'F' Word - Fire Trials

Nia-Cerise encourages us to not be afraid of trails but to ask God to use us for a powerful purpose.

When Silence Speaks

Nia-Cerise look at how God can use us when we think we can't hear from Him.

Secrets of an Inner Circle

Nia-Cerise introduces a new series about how we can be used by God when we underestimate ourselves.

4 Episodes

Dream Hijackers

Nia-Cerise concludes this series on Christian dream interpretation by talking about what we can do to safeguard our dreams.

Decrypting The Dream Code

Nia-Cerise teaches on how dream interpretation is a gift that can be stirred up and cultivated.

Dreams: Whose Voice Is It

Nia-Cerise continues her talks on discerning if our dreams are prophetic dreams from God.

The End-Time Gift to the Church

Nia-Cerise returns for a new series looking at hearing God's voice through dreams, one of the most underrated and underestimated gifts to the Church