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  • TBN Presents: Mark Ritchie

    1 season

    In this series we are going to look at the biblical practice of speaking to our souls.

  • TBN Presents: Nia-Cerise Conteh

    1 season

    The “God use me” series is a series of compelling episodes on how God can use us in the most unusual and uncommon circumstances.

  • TBN Presents: Tasha Pettman

    1 season

    Life is filled with ups and downs, even for Christians. This series will explore trials and triumphs we might face as we follow Jesus; how to push through the trials and press into the triumphs

  • TBN Presents: Anthony Delaney

    1 season

    In these programs Anthony will help us rediscover and implement in our day the principles, rhythms and practices the early church used to impact and transform their world for Christ, activating faith to partner in God’s mission where you are.

  • Celebrating 50 years of Graham Kendrick

    Join Jake Isaac and friends as they travel through monumental moments in the life and ministry of worship leader, singer and songwriter, Graham Kendrick.

  • TBN Presents: Jayne Banful

    1 season

    Join Jayne Banful on her series of talks about God’s unconditional love and how we can bring others to experience this amazing, passionate and unfailing love.

  • TBN Presents: Stephen Foster

    1 season

    A 4-part series looking at the teaching of Jesus unlocks some of life’s major challenges, including worry, failure, enemies, judging others, anger and forgiveness.

  • TBN Presents: Yemi Adedeji

    2 seasons

    Canon Yemi Adedeji teaches us how to embrace the seasons in life. Knowing when a season is beginning and when it has come to an end is fundamental when accepted as God at work.

  • TBN Presents: Rachel Hughes

    1 season

    Rachel explores the impact that shame can have on our lives and the freedom Jesus models for us through the life of Peter.

  • TBN Presents: Yinka Oyekan

    2 seasons

    Join Yinka Oyekan as he teaches on anointing. Yinka explores how you can activate your anointing, and the difference it can make to your life and surroundings once you understand how to release it.

  • TBN Presents: Lona Copeland Blake

    1 season

    Join Dr Lona Copeland-Blake, Pastor at End Time Pentecostal church, for her series of talks on faith, revival and breakthrough.

  • The Sessions with Cynthia Garrett

    5 seasons

    Television personality Cynthia Garrett presents a series of messages aimed to encourage people to live their faith in Jesus.

  • TBN Presents: Monica Collard

    1 season

    Join Monica Collard, Pastor at Equippers Church as she explores topics such as 'I Will Fear No Evil' and 'Use Your Words'.

  • A Royal Priesthood

    1 season

    Join Reverend David Peterson for a fun refreshing word on how God works today.

  • TBN Presents: Steve Uppal

    1 season

    Pastor Steve Uppal helps us to discover the ancient paths that unlock Kingdom principles. Applying these truths will build a solid and firm foundation for your life, marriage and ministry.

  • TBN Presents: Dr Lavanya Dua

    1 season

    Dr Lavanya Dua, from Equippers Church Surrey, shares how we can have good mental health - how we can renew our minds, overcome stress, anxiety and depression, and break the power of fear.

  • TBN Presents: Andy Elmes

    1 season

    Andy Elmes, lead pastor of Family Church, looks at the important spiritual foundations that we can build our lives upon. Topics will include grace, justification, the new creation and more.

  • Voice of Healing

    2 seasons

    A brand new series of spirit-led preaching and teaching, accompanied by prayer and live word of knowledge hosted by Gery Malanda, the senior leader of House of Prayer for All Nations Europe (HOPFAN).

  • Embrace The Journey

    5 seasons

    In John 10:10 Jesus says that we might have an abundant life, more than we expect, life to the full. Over this eight week series, join Becky Murray looking at practical keys to how we can have this abundant life. This includes having healthy rhythms - balancing our lives between work and family a...

  • I Believe with Chlo Glassborow

    2 seasons

    Join Senior Leader of Catch the Fire London, Chlo Glassborow, for prophetic preaching, worship and prayers that will elevate your faith and life.

  • Declaration

    2 seasons

    A brand new year. One pivotal week of prayer. Join us and thousands of people as we kickstart the year with a national week of prayer together with Tearfund and The Well.

  • TBN Presents: Mitch

    1 season

    Join Mitch from Crown Jesus Ministries as he unpacks some the of essentials of evangelism and motivates us to go out into the mission of God with power and authority'

  • TBN Presents: Becky Harcourt

    1 season

    Becky Harcourt relates from her own experience how the presence, power and goodness of God helps us in our difficulties and heals us where we’re wounded, freeing us to join a life of adventure with Him.