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  • Praise from Edinburgh - Part 2

    Hosted by Afua Adom, hear powerful stories from Junction 42 and Bethany Christian Centre of how God is moving in Edinburgh. Part 2 of 2.

  • Carols with Compassion 2021

    Enjoy a night of Carols featuring Sarah Teibo, Graham Kendrick, Jenny Lewis, Noel Robinson, Lucy Grimble and Steph Macleod, with scripture readings and a joyful nativity acted out by Compassion Supported children.

  • Praise from Edinburgh - Part 1

    Hosted by Afua Adom, hear powerful stories from Steph Macleod and Edinburgh City Mission of how God is moving in the City. Part 1 of 2.

  • TBN Presents Rachel Waddams

    1 season

    This series is an exploration of the gospel of Luke. The prayer is that through these five messages you will be blessed and challenged as we look at this gospel in a fresh and creative way.

  • Praise from Scotland Worship Special

    Enjoy an hour of anointed worship from Scottish artists; Steph Macleod, Fiona Crow, Ellyn Oliver and Peter Crockett.

  • TBN Presents Matt Summerfield

    1 season

    Great news! God intentionally created you to partner with Him to make a unique difference in His world. In this series, we'll explore what the Bible has to say about your true identity and purpose, and how that understanding will help you fully embrace your very best life with God.

  • The 52nd Annual GMA Dove Awards

    From Nashville, Tennessee, the Gospel Music Association (GMA) hosts the 52nd Annual GMA Dove Awards. Since 1969 the GMA Dove Awards has honored outstanding achievements and excellence in Christian and Gospel Music. The show celebrates our rich musical diversity. Awards are presented to individual...

  • TBN Presents: Kika Ashanike

    1 season

    Join Kika Ashanike as she explores topics such as intimacy with God and overcoming disappointments, challenging the very core of our faith walk.

  • Mercy Ships

    3 seasons

    With more than 40 years’ experience of partnering with African nations and providing free surgery for the poorest people on the planet, Mercy Ships interviews leading figures and medical experts on healthcare and the Coronavirus virus - as Africa becomes the next likely epicentre.

  • VOX Collective

    2 seasons

    VOX Collective is a brand new series on TBNUK that highlights the beautiful heartbeat of diversity, creativity and unity that is alive in the UK worship scene today. Noel Robinson meets today’s worshippers who are calling out to God throughout the UK, bringing a pleasing aroma of worship through ...

  • Got Questions

    1 season

    Got questions about Climate Change, Politics, The Year 3,000 and where God fits into it all? Then join Dan Blythe, Azande Mbhele, and friends as they sit down with extraordinary experts to answer.

  • TBN Presents: Yinka Oyekan

    1 season

    Join Yinka Oyekan as he teaches on anointing. Yinka explores how you can activate your anointing, and the difference it can make to your life and surroundings once you understand how to release it.

  • Praise Special: Spiritual Disciplines - Part 2

    Rule of Life: What relevance does a monastic rule of life have today? Join us as we meet people living lives of radical commitment and obedience to a set of values or principles.

  • TBN Selects: Celia Apeagyei-Collins

    1 season

    Reverend Celia Apeagyei-Collins explains how we can partner with God to reset our cities, communities, and marketplaces back to God’s original intent.

  • TBN Presents: Yemi Adedeji

    1 season

    Canon Yemi Adedeji teaches us how to embrace the seasons in life. Knowing when a season is beginning and when it has come to an end is fundamental when accepted as God at work.

  • TBN Selects: Mark Collard

    1 season

  • Praise Special: Spiritual Disciplines - Part 1

    Rhythms of Prayer: What relevance does the monastic life have today? Join us as we explore today's monastic world and discover the deep riches of a life rooted in prayer.

  • Just Leadership

    1 season

    Putting justice and integrity at the heart of how you lead. Join Justin Humphreys, Simon Barrington and their guests as they discover what it means to lead with justice and integrity.

  • Christians Against Poverty - Power of the Church

    1 season

    Join Paula Stringer, CEO of Christians Against Poverty, for a new series revealing how small beginnings led to over 22 thousand people (and counting) becoming debt-free in the UK, with many people giving their lives to Christ in the process!

  • TBN Selects: Will Van Der Hart

    1 season

    Will Van Der Hart, founder of the Mind and Soul Foundation, shares on the topic of anxiety and coming out of a season of lockdown.

  • TBN Presents: Andrew Cannon

    1 season

    Join Evangelist Andrew Cannon of Gospel Grenades as he encourages us to share our faith in everyday life, causing a shift in the atmosphere wherever we go.

  • TBN Presents: Gery Malanda

    1 season

    Join Gery Malanda from House of Prayer For All Nations as he talks on the authority of believers, where sickness comes from, and shares some incredible and powerful testimonies of healing.

  • TBN Selects: Tom Limebear

    1 season

    Join Tom Limebear as he speaks messages that will encourage, challenge and equip you to wholeheartedly follow Jesus in your daily life.