Introducing TBN Presents

Introducing TBN Presents

2 Seasons

A collection of the first episodes from each of the TBN Presents hosts for you to discover your next favourite speaker.

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Introducing TBN Presents
  • Activating Your Prophetic Identity

    Episode 1

    In this episode we will define our God given identity and help you to understand it's components.

  • How are You?

    Episode 2

    Evangelist, Mark Greenwood looks at three ways in which we should be communicating about Jesus.

  • Live Light

    Episode 3

    Mark Ritchie reveals how we can lead ourselves well when we take charge of our emotions and thoughts and speak into our soul.

  • Secrets of an Inner Circle

    Episode 4

    Nia-Cerise introduces a new series about how we can be used by God when we underestimate ourselves.

  • No Triumphs Without Troubles

    Episode 5

    Tasha Pettman introduces a new series looking at the trials and troubles we might face, and the hope we can have to face them.

  • From 'Lost & Alone' To 'Found & At Home'

    Episode 6

    Anthony Delaney starts a new series looking at our discipleship pathway - how we can move into being in the Father's love, and then invite others to follow Jesus.

  • Created and chosen in Love

    Episode 7

    Jayne Banful teaches on God's amazing, passionate and unfailing love.

  • Don't waste your failure

    Episode 8

    Stephen Foster shares on how we can face the gap between what we expect and how things actually turn out.

  • All Change Please

    Episode 9

    Everything in life has both the beginning and an end. Embracing the seasons of life is to understand and accept the changes that will bring both good and hard times.

  • And Peter

    Episode 10

    Pastor Rachel asks us to think about the word "shame" as she teaches on Mark 14.

  • Prophetic Proclamation

    Episode 11

    Pastor Yinka reminds us that we all have an anointing, but do we understand how to activate it and work in it?

  • Justification By Faith

    Episode 12

    Dr Copeland Blake teaches on how our justification is by faith and not by works.

  • Use Your Words

    Episode 13

    Pastor Monica Collard starts a new series by encouraging us to be in communication with our heavenly father.

  • First Things First

    Episode 14

    Pastor Steve starts a new series on the eternal truths we need to embrace to help us have an unshakeable life.

  • How To Renew Your Mind

    Episode 15

    Dr Lavanya starts a new series looking at how God has made us, and how we can have our best health and live our best life that God has intended for us

  • The Importance Of Good Foundations

    Episode 16

    Pastor Andy Elmes introduces a new 5-part series considering the importance of good foundations in our lives, and the biblical truths for us to build upon.

  • What Is Evangelism?

    Episode 17

    Evangelist Mitch, co-founder of Crown Jesus Ministries, starts a new series of talks titled "The School of Evangelism".

  • Ambushed by the Spirit

    Episode 18

    Becky Harcourt, leader of All Saints' Woodford Wells, shares how the Holy Spirit set her free from a life of guilt and shame.

  • Judging Others

    Episode 19

    Tom Rawls, pastor of Proclaimers, talks about how we can reach people where they are at.

  • The Gospel of Prayer

    Episode 20

    Pastor Rachel Waddams starts a new series: Uniquelty Luke, beginning with a focus on prayer.

  • This Is Your Moment

    Episode 21

    The Bible cuts through the clamour of our culture and presents some breathtakingly good news about our true identity. What happens when truly believe this?

  • Process Before the Blessing

    Episode 22

    Kika Ashanike talks on the topic of waiting and patience, looking at the life of Joseph as a backdrop.

  • Emancipation of the Heart Through Christ

    Episode 23

    Join Alan Scotland, as he reads from Romans 10 and speaks on receiving freedom from sin in our heart, through Jesus Christ.

  • The Kingdom Centres on the Coming King

    Episode 24

    Join Ewen Robertson as he speaks to us about facets of the Kingdom of God, from the book of Matthew.