Introducing TBN Presents

Introducing TBN Presents

2 Seasons

A collection of the first episodes from each of the TBN Presents hosts for you to discover your next favourite speaker.

Introducing TBN Presents
  • How Healing Comes

    Episode 1

    Mark Marx, pioneer of Healing on the Streets ministry, introduces the series and encourages us to follow Jesus' example as we look at His ministry of healing the sick.

  • Fruitful Leadership - Part 1

    Episode 2

    Katia Adams reads from John 15 and seeks to inspire us with keys of leadership and fruitfulness. Apart from Jesus we can do nothing.

  • The Balanced Woman

    Episode 3

    Sit back and relax as Pastor Abbiih Oloyede introduces this series; empowering women and enabling them to live a balanced life, relationally, spiritually and financially.

  • Pre-Call

    Episode 4

    In the eyes of God, we are worthy! David Peterson tells us that God preordained us to be here on earth and has a plan and a purpose for our lives.

  • He's Waiting To Welcome You

    Episode 5

    We are on the brink of revelation! Youth Pastor Alex McLean shares his testimony and the parable of the prodigal son.

  • It's Not Time To Quit

    Episode 6

    Dr Dipo Oluyomi as he introduces the series, aimed at encouraging those who are disheartened in life, to stay on course and not quit.

  • You Are Spirit

    Episode 7

    Dr Jonathan Oloyede invites us to open our Bibles and look at building our lives on the rock that is Jesus Christ.

  • Rooted in Christ: What is in a Name?

    Episode 8

    Pastor Alex Morgan introduces the series and delves into understanding the meaning of names and the names of God.

  • God, Presence & Purpose

    Episode 9

    Paul Manwaring introduces this series taking us on a journey discovering our purpose. God is the author of the past, present and future and dwelling in His presence enables us to unlock our true purpose for our lives.

  • Living From The Inside Out

    Episode 10

    Do you need another touch from God? Ray Bevan looks at the story of Jesus touching the eyes of the blind man until he could see clearly.

  • Throne Of Grace

    Episode 11

    On His book: ‘Total Forgiveness’ shows how we can know when we have truly forgiven, and so know the joy and freedom that naturally follows’.

  • Leaning To Leading: Leaders Leave A Blessing

    Episode 12

    Jonny Lee, senior pastor of Renewal Church in Solihull, introduces the series of empowering talks on the topic of "Leaning to Leading" based on the life of Jacob.

  • Dead Man Walking

    Episode 13

    What does it mean to be a dead man walking? Daniel Chand unpacks what it means to be crucified with Christ.

  • The 'So What' Of The Resurrection

    Episode 14

    What is so significant about the Resurrection? Andy Croft speaks about how Jesus brings transforming life for today and eternal life for tomorrow.

  • Growing Old Or Growing Up: Learning How to Speak

    Episode 15

    We do not need speech that is rotten. Doug Williams teaches on using our speech to build up and encourage.

  • Knowledge, Evidence, Presence

    Episode 16

    There is a difference between God doing things in the church and God being in the church. Stu Glassborow encourages us to move from knowledge of God, to revelation of God, to relating to God.

  • Releasing The River

    Episode 17

    How can we tap into the limitless supply of God's presence? Join Chlo Glassborow as she looks at how we can carry Jesus with us wherever we go.

  • The Heart of Worship

    Episode 18

    What is worship from God's perspective? Valerie Elliot shares on how we can experience worship in our everyday lives.

  • The Joy of the Lord

    Episode 19

    We pray that God would speak to our hearts and that we would receive the joy of the Lord. Join Rev Virginia Luckett as she looks at the sources and foundation of joy.

  • Led By God

    Episode 20

    Do we want to be led by God? His Eminence Archbishop Angaelos challenges us to take up our cross and follow Christ.

  • Relationships Produce Power

    Episode 21

    Whether we are single, dating, complicated or married, God is interested in our relationship status. Keeth Bandara looks at the second most important commandment; loving our neighbour.

  • Introduction

    Episode 22

    Faith make provision for faith's fulfillment. John Glass introduces the series exploring how can we make space to receive something from heaven.