Introducing TBN Presents

Introducing TBN Presents

40 Episodes

A collection of the first episodes from each of the TBN Presents hosts for you to discover your next favourite speaker.

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Introducing TBN Presents
  • The Gospel of Prayer

    Episode 1

    Pastor Rachel Waddams starts a new series: Uniquelty Luke, beginning with a focus on prayer.

  • This Is Your Moment

    Episode 2

    The Bible cuts through the clamour of our culture and presents some breathtakingly good news about our true identity. What happens when truly believe this?

  • Process Before the Blessing

    Episode 3

    Kika Ashanike talks on the topic of waiting and patience, looking at the life of Joseph as a backdrop.

  • Prophetic Proclamation

    Episode 4

    Pastor Yinka reminds us that we all have an anointing, but do we understand how to activate it and work in it?

  • All Change Please

    Episode 5

    Everything in life has both the beginning and an end. Embracing the seasons of life is to understand and accept the changes that will bring both good and hard times.

  • Authority of the Believer - Part 1

    Episode 6

    Brother Gery teaches on how we can expect Jesus to do a miracle in our lives today.

  • Evangelism Through Your Testimony

    Episode 7

    The world needs to hear our testimony! Andrew Cannon challenges us to always be ready to speak about Jesus.

  • Living Like Jesus - Part 1

    Episode 8

    Pastor Karen asks what does it mean today to live like Jesus?

  • Log Flume Moments

    Episode 9

    Jonny Pettman talks about the choice we have to live out the kingdom of God wherever it is that we live, work and play.

  • Sharing Your Faith - Part 1

    Episode 10

    We are called to make disciples. Christie John-Baptiste is passionate about sharing our faith at every single opportunity.

  • Knowing God: The God Who Sees

    Episode 11

    God doesn't see the same way we do. Kemi Koleoso takes a deeper look at the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar and how God revealed himself as "the God who sees me".

  • Deadly Distractions

    Episode 12

    We all face distractions that try and steer us off track. Charlie Blythe speaks on the story of Mary and Martha, and how we can learn what really matters in life.

  • Imposter Syndrome

    Episode 13

    Ever felt like you are not good enough? Sarah Richards looks at what the Bible says about who we are in Christ.

  • God Revealed: El Shaddai

    Episode 14

    Looking at the story of Joseph, in the book of Genesis, Mimi Ajala explores the meaning of God's name; El Shaddai, God the Almighty and our ultimate source.

  • How Healing Comes

    Episode 15

    Mark Marx, pioneer of Healing on the Streets ministry, introduces the series and encourages us to follow Jesus' example as we look at His ministry of healing the sick.

  • Fruitful Leadership - Part 1

    Episode 16

    Katia Adams reads from John 15 and seeks to inspire us with keys of leadership and fruitfulness. Apart from Jesus we can do nothing.

  • The Balanced Woman

    Episode 17

    Sit back and relax as Pastor Abbiih Oloyede introduces this series; empowering women and enabling them to live a balanced life, relationally, spiritually and financially.

  • Pre-Call

    Episode 18

    In the eyes of God, we are worthy! David Peterson tells us that God preordained us to be here on earth and has a plan and a purpose for our lives.

  • He's Waiting To Welcome You

    Episode 19

    We are on the brink of revelation! Youth Pastor Alex McLean shares his testimony and the parable of the prodigal son.

  • It's Not Time To Quit

    Episode 20

    Dr Dipo Oluyomi as he introduces the series, aimed at encouraging those who are disheartened in life, to stay on course and not quit.

  • The Kingdom Centres on the Coming King

    Episode 21

    Join Ewen Robertson as he speaks to us about facets of the Kingdom of God, from the book of Matthew.

  • Rooted in Christ: What is in a Name?

    Episode 22

    Pastor Alex Morgan introduces the series and delves into understanding the meaning of names and the names of God.

  • You Are Spirit

    Episode 23

    Dr Jonathan Oloyede invites us to open our Bibles and look at building our lives on the rock that is Jesus Christ.

  • God, Presence & Purpose

    Episode 24

    Paul Manwaring introduces this series taking us on a journey discovering our purpose. God is the author of the past, present and future and dwelling in His presence enables us to unlock our true purpose for our lives.