I Believe with Chlo Glassborow

I Believe with Chlo Glassborow

3 Seasons

Join Senior Leader of Catch the Fire London, Chlo Glassborow, for prophetic preaching, worship and prayers that will elevate your faith and life.

I Believe with Chlo Glassborow
  • Victory Belongs to Jesus

    Episode 1

    Our victory is secured because of the cross. Chlo Glassborow reads from Revelation and invites us to understand the true purpose of Jesus coming to Earth.

  • Strongholds

    Episode 2

    Chlo share about how Jesus gives us victory over strongholds in our lives.

  • Freedom with Dwaine Morgan

    Episode 3

    Chlo and Stu are joined by Dwaine Morgan to talk about experiencing deliverance from sickness, sin, influence of demons and walking in freedom in Christ.

  • Worship with Steve Tebb

    Episode 4

    God is so worthy of all our praise and adoration. Chlo Glassborow and Steve Tebb invite us to worship in spirit and in truth.

  • Stinking Thinking

    Episode 5

    There are thought patterns and behaviours that we have adopted from our family, but they may not always line up with scripture. Chlo Glassborow encourages us to challenge our belief system and allow God to heal us.

  • The Power of the Tongue

    Episode 6

    What we declare over our lives is very significant. Chlo Glassborow challenges us with teaching on the power of the tongue.

  • Bitterness

    Episode 7

    Chlo and Stu are joined by guest, Ashley Davison, to discuss how we can uproot bitterness from our lives.

  • Choosing Life

    Episode 8

    Chlo introduces a time of worship, led by Steve Tebb, to bring you into the presence of God.

  • Living in the Father's Embrace

    Episode 9

    Chlo Glassborow unpacks the parable of the prodigal son and how when we return to God, we will be embraced like never before.

  • Breaking the Power of Addiction

    Episode 10

    The power of the cross can break addictions. Chlo Glassborow takes us through scriptures and testimonies that remind us of Jesus' resurrection power.

  • Breaking Repeating Patterns

    Episode 11

    Chlo and Stu Glassborow talk with Dwaine Morgan about generational blessings and freedom from repetitive patterns of sin and curses.

  • Worship & Ministry - The Comfort of the King

    Episode 12

    Chlo Glassborow and Steve Tebb minister in worship together to magnify the Lord, and be open to receive what He has for us.

  • Keeping Your Heart Sweet

    Episode 13

    Where does jealousy come from? Chlo Glassborow explores how we can learn to celebrate people's successes and not align ourselves with envious thoughts.

  • A Life Of Thanksgiving

    Episode 14

    Chlo teaches on how we can live a lifestyle in accordance with heaven, giving thanks with joy and celebration.

  • Living a Lifestyle of Freedom and Joy

    Episode 15

    The Holy Spirit loves joy! Chlo and Stu Glassborow talk with Dan and Ashley Davidson about thanksgiving, joy and celebration with God.

  • I Believe In The Overcoming

    Episode 16

    Discouragement is not your portion. Chlo Glassborow and Steve Tebb close the series with passionate worship, filling our hearts with excitement and anticipation for what God is going to do.