TBN Presents : Andy Croft

TBN Presents : Andy Croft

4 Seasons

Exploring God's practical guidance, leading us into new life and wholesome relationships

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TBN Presents : Andy Croft
  • The Story Of Sampson

    Episode 1

    The key to change in behavior, is loving God. Andy Croft shares lessons from the life of Sampson to understand God's grace and love.

  • Seeking The Spirit

    Episode 2

    We can never have enough of God in our life. Andy Croft unpacks what it means to ask, seek and knock for Jesus.

  • Perfectionism And The Gospel

    Episode 3

    We put so much pressure on ourselves as Christians. Andy Croft wrestles with the perfectionism that blocks our understanding of the true Gospel.

  • Making God At Home

    Episode 4

    God desires to live in us! Andy Croft speaks about how we can become a people that inhabit the presence of God.

  • The Cross Brings Freedom

    Episode 5

    Want to be set free? Andy Croft explains how the cross is the key to understanding the nature of the relationship we have with God.

  • The Crucified King

    Episode 6

    Sometimes we can become overly familiar with the story of the Crucifixion. Andy Croft invites us to chase after a fresh revelation every time we read it.

  • The Plan Of The Cross

    Episode 7

    God always had a plan. That plan was the cross. Andy Croft looks at the big picture of the Crucifixion.

  • The Power Of Words

    Episode 8

    We will be judged by our words. Andy Croft challenges us with the words from the book of James.

  • The Resurrection

    Episode 9

    The Resurrection is right at the centre of Christianity. Andy Croft studies the scale of the comeback from Jesus' death to life.

  • Ascension

    Episode 10

    Why should we celebrate Jesus' Ascension? Andy Croft looks at what the ascension is and what it means.

  • The Basis Of Prayer

    Episode 11

    What makes prayer unique to us as Christians? Andy Croft studies the way Jesus taught us how to pray.

  • The Pattern Of Prayer

    Episode 12

    Sometimes prayer seems to be our last resort. Andy Croft encourages us to adopt a pattern of praying first on all occasions.