TBN Presents : Andy Croft

TBN Presents : Andy Croft

4 Seasons

Exploring God's practical guidance, leading us into new life and wholesome relationships

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TBN Presents : Andy Croft
  • Finding Peace

    Episode 1

    Searching for peace in a crazy world? Andy Croft invites us to find rest in the peace that Jesus gives.

  • Friendship

    Episode 2

    There is so much loneliness in the world. Andy Croft delves into what the Bible says about relationships and friendships.

  • If You Love Me, Obey Me

    Episode 3

    How do we become friends of God? Andy Croft reads the story of Abraham, who was know as a friend of God.

  • Trusting God's Word

    Episode 4

    What is our attitude towards scripture? Andy Croft explores how we can trust God's Word wholeheartedly.

  • Prayer

    Episode 5

    What does the Bible teach us about prayer? Andy Croft explains how prayer is not a transaction between us and God, but a conversation.

  • Forgiveness

    Episode 6

    Do we truly understand forgiveness? Andy Croft looks at what Jesus says about forgiveness.

  • Power

    Episode 7

    There is power in all our relationships. Andy Croft compares institutional power, relational power and God's power.

  • Celebration

    Episode 8

    How do we celebrate the good news of Jesus? Andy Croft reminds us that the joy of the Lord gives us strength.

  • Receiving the Spirit

    Episode 9

    Why do we need the Holy Spirit? Andy Croft describes how God breathes on us and fills us with life!

  • What’s the Point of Work?

    Episode 10

    Why do we do the work that we do? Andy Croft explains how we worship a God who works and desires to be involved in the work we do.

  • Daily Provision

    Episode 11

    Do we daily depend of God? Andy Croft teaches us that trust is the key to intimacy with God.

  • Resisting Temptation

    Episode 12

    As we follow Jesus, we can still feel tempted. Andy Croft speaks of how we can resist temptation to sin.

  • Knowing Jesus

    Episode 13

    Want to get to know Jesus? Andy Croft looks at how each of the Gospels shed light on Jesus character and personality.

  • Growing In Patience

    Episode 14

    Are we demonstrating patience? Andy Croft invites us to cultivate the supernatural fruit of the spirit - forbearance.

  • Following God's Will

    Episode 15

    What is it like following the will of God? Andy Croft takes a look at the life of the Apostle Paul.

  • The Spirit and The Cross

    Episode 16

    How do the spirit and the cross relate? Andy Croft investigates the bigger picture of how they connect.

  • Do Not Worry

    Episode 17

    It is easier said than done - not to worry. Andy Croft explores how we can live in God's fullness of joy.

  • Approval Given

    Episode 18

    Does God approve of us? Andy Croft reminds us of God's unfailing love and grace for us.

  • Hearing God Speak

    Episode 19

    Learning to listen to God? Andy Croft delves into the story of the transfiguration, and what we can learn about hearing the voice of God.

  • Trusting The Bible

    Episode 20

    Is the Word of God reliable? Andy Croft examines why we can have the confidence in the Bible being truth.

  • Growing Faith

    Episode 21

    How can we cultivate our faith? Andy Croft sees how lack of faith and abundance of faith can astonish Jesus!

  • Fight Like Jehoshaphat

    Episode 22

    How can we win our battles in life? Andy Croft shares how King Jehoshaphat lead the people of Israel to victory in the Lord.

  • Resting Well

    Episode 23

    Stressed and burnt out? Andy Croft invites us to rest the way God always intended us to.

  • How To Read The Bible

    Episode 24

    How does the Bible relate to our life? Andy Croft gives us a practical guide to reading the Word of God and how we can apply it to our life.