TBN Presents : Andy Croft

TBN Presents : Andy Croft

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Exploring God's practical guidance, leading us into new life and wholesome relationships

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TBN Presents : Andy Croft
  • The 'So What' Of The Resurrection

    What is so significant about the Resurrection? Andy Croft speaks about how Jesus brings transforming life for today and eternal life for tomorrow.

  • The Power Of Thanksgiving

    What are we thankful for? Andy Croft explores the subject of thanksgiving in the book of Philippians.

  • The Battle Of The Mind

    The truth sets us free. Andy Croft teaches us that when we are confident in our identity, we find ourselves acting in freedom.

  • How God Changes Us

    Friendships shape us. Andy Croft looks at the value of friendships and our journey of transformation when we accept Jesus.

  • The Gift Of Tongues

    The Holy Spirit gives us gifts. Andy Croft shares what the supernatural gift of tongues is.

  • How To Walk In The Spirit

    Episode 6

    The spirit and the flesh are in conflict. Andy Croft invites us to swap will power for power from the Holy Spirit.

  • How We Change

    Episode 7

    What is the difference between personality and character? Andy Croft looks at how our transformation happens in Jesus.

  • Becoming Joyful

    Episode 8

    Jesus was joyful! Andy Croft encourages us to dwell on the joy of the Lord.

  • Finding Secure Identity

    Episode 9

    What is our true identity? Andy Croft digs deeper into finding our sense of worth in Jesus Christ.

  • The Story I'm Telling Myself Is...

    Episode 10

    We often make up stories, resulting in insecurity. Andy Croft teaches us to approach Father God when we become insecure.

  • Dealing With Conflict

    Episode 11

    How do we resolve conflict? Andy Croft looks at what the Bible says about how we can work through our issues.

  • Why You Need Silence

    Episode 12

    How do we interact with God? Andy Croft encourages us to withdraw to a quiet place to be with Jesus.