Don't Be Afraid

Don't Be Afraid

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Tune in to hear encouraging messages, so you can start your day well.

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Don't Be Afraid
  • Don't Go it Alone with the Cherries

    Episode 30

    God’s intention for us is to be with others, even when we are on mission. Andrew and Louise Cherrie remind us that if we are feeling lonely, we can step closer to God, be proactive and reach out to others.

  • Hold on to Faith with the Cherries

    Andrew looks at Romans 12:2, a reminder that we have to actively cling to faith when we experience uncertainty, trauma or doubt. Louise prays for us.

  • Don’t Give Up with Rob Wall

    Episode 31

    Everyone experiences doubt and limiting circumstances, but how can we keep going when we feel like there is no use? Rob Wall challenges us to remember our worth and the fact that we matter.

  • Being Resilient with Rob Wall

    Episode 32

    How can we stay resilient in the work we need to do? Endurance is key to reaching due season, and reaping that which we have sown. Rob Wall explains that our resilience lies in our mindset and faith.

  • Don't Lose Heart with Rob Wall

    Episode 33

    Sometimes it can feel like we don’t get what we deserve for our hard work. Looking at Galatians 6:9, Rob explains that trust is key to not losing heart.

  • Broken Hope with Rob Wall

    Episode 34

    How can we cultivate an indestructible hope and optimism? Rob unpacks the reality of losing and building hope in difficult times. He gives practical tips on protecting our hope and thought life.

  • Aligning with God with Olly Goldenberg

    What is God’s plan for this time? Olly Goldenberg challenges us to tune in to God’s voice and become aware of his will for us during the pandemic.

  • Keeping Faith as the Younger Generation with Joshua Goldenberg

    Episode 34

    Joshua Goldenberg explains the power and need for faith during this time. How can young people step up and be an example to those around them, including their friends and older members of the church?

  • Fighting Fear for All Ages with the Goldenbergs and friends

    Episode 36

    The Goldenbergs and their friends give us great encouragement in the midst of the pandemic on this show for all ages. What does the Bible say about fear and how can we feel strong instead?

  • Church Wherever We Are with Jonathan Oloyede

    Episode 37

    Jonathan reminds us that wherever we are, we are the church. He looks at the positive impact of ‘online church’ during the pandemic and encourages us to be a blessing as we meet together.

  • Using Our Time in the Lockdown with Jonathan Oloyede

    Episode 38

    What can we do during the lockdown? Jonathan encourages us to be active in developing our relationship with God and our purpose during the pandemic.