Cost of Living Crisis

Cost of Living Crisis

Cost of Living Crisis
  • The Cost of Living

    1 season

    Natalie Williams, CEO at Jubilee+, presents a dynamic table of conversations for those who are passionate about social justice. Aiming to inspire and equip churches to take action for their communities in this cost-of-living crisis.

  • Managing Money with Dr John Kirkby CBE

    1 season

    Through this series, Dr John Kirkby will show you how you can simply be in control of your money and live life better around how you save, spend and give.

  • Christians Against Poverty - Power of the Church

    1 season

    Join Paula Stringer, CEO of Christians Against Poverty, to explore the important role of the Church in helping people to find financial freedom. The series reveals how small beginnings led to over 22,000 people (and counting) becoming debt-free in the UK, with many people giving their lives to Ch...

  • TBN Meets: Managing Money During Lockdown

    Emily chats to Dr John Kirkby, founder of CAP, to discuss tips on how to manage our money well in this season.

  • Poverty, Debt, Family, Resilience

    Paula Stringer, CEO of Christians Against Poverty, talks to Patrick Regan about her journey through the loss of a business in the recession, bankruptcy and sickness in the family.

  • Money

    Bob Gass speaks with Michael Fitch, who specializes in advising people on debt, tax and managing wealth.

  • Paul and Zoe Reid

    Sometimes we can be afraid to ask for help. Pastor Sophia Barrett speaks to Paul and Zoe Reid about overcoming financial crisis and becoming thankful to God despite their circumstances.

  • Her Finances

    Pastor Abbiih Oloyede encourages us to steward our finances well, and also deal with our money wisely and righteously.

  • Recovery Course

    2 seasons

    The Recovery Course follows the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, but as they were originally intended. A set of spiritual steps where we put Christ back at the heart of recovery. The course recognises that our destructive habits are a consequence of pain, hurt, a broken relationship, loneliness ...