Advent - The Coming King

Advent - The Coming King

25 Episodes

The Coming King. Be encouraged by daily messages of hope as we celebrate The Coming King this Advent. Join some of your favourite TBN UK to discover the transforming power of Jesus.

Advent - The Coming King
  • Advent 2020 - Dec 1st: Cathy Madavan

    Episode 1

    Cathy Madavan celebrates the coming King this advent by sharing reflections from this year and reading from Micah 5:2.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 2nd: Celia Apeagyei-Collins

    Episode 2

    Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins reminds us of the hope we have to look forward to as she reflects on Jeremiah 23:5-6.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 3rd: Amy Orr-Ewing

    Episode 3

    Amy Orr-Ewing studies the scripture from Isaiah 9:2 and considers what it means to walk from darkness to light.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 4th: David Peterson

    Episode 4

    David Peterson shares how the prophet Isaiah gives a snapshot of the Holy Trinity and how God's Kingdom will have no end!

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 5th: Michael White

    Episode 5

    Pastor Michael White looks at Isaiah 7:14 and the fact that we can rest on the truth that God is with us in times of trouble.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 6th: Stu Glassborow

    Episode 6

    Stu Glassborow reads from Genesis 12:1-3, reminding us that God had a plan right from the beginning for our redemption.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 7th: Tanya Chand

    Episode 7

    Tanya Chand shares from Ephesians 3:16-19 and invites us to share Jesus, the hope of glory, with our friends and family this year.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 8th: Chlo Glassborow

    Episode 8

    The Coming King in our Hearts. Chlo Glassborow urges us to seize the opportunity to invest love into people's lives this Christmas.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 9th: Cathy Madavan

    Episode 9

    The Coming King in our Hearts. Cathy Madavan speaks about the qualities of diamonds and the treasure we have in jars of clay.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 10th: Amy Orr-Ewing

    Episode 10

    The Coming King in Our Hearts. Struggling with worry? Amy Orr-Ewing reads from Ephesians 2:14 about how Jesus brings peace to us.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 11th: Daniel Chand

    Episode 11

    The Coming King in our Hearts. We can make a difference! Daniel Chand encourages us to be the hands and feet of Christ wherever we go.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 12th: David Peterson

    Episode 12

    The Coming King in Our Hearts. The Holy Spirit is the seed and the root of love. David Peterson looks at Galatians 5:22-23 and the fruit of the Spirit.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 13th: Stu Glassborow

    Episode 13

    The Coming King in Our Hearts. Stu Glassborow describes how the Holy Spirit living in us, is like streams of living water that brings life to the world around us.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 14th: Tanya Chand

    Episode 14

    The Coming King at the Second Coming. Tanya Chand reminds us of the hope we have that Jesus is returning, reading from Mark chapter 13.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 15th: Celia Apeagyei-Collins

    Episode 15

    The Coming King at the Second Coming. Celia Apeagyei-Collins reads from Matthew chapter 25 about how Jesus describes himself as a King who will return with justice and judgement.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 16th: Chlo Glassborow

    Episode 16

    The Coming King at the Second Coming. Are you ready for the second coming of Christ? Chlo Glassborow invites us to be present in Jesus' presence.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 17th: Cathy Madavan

    The Coming King at the Second Coming. One day things will be as God intends them to be. Cathy Madavan reminds us that God invites us to bring transformation and the light of Jesus to others until He returns.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 18th: Daniel Chand

    Episode 18

    The Coming King at the Second Coming. There is no one like Jesus! Daniel Chand tells us how, as believers, we can drink from the fountain of the water of life.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 19th: Amy Orr-Ewing

    Episode 19

    The Coming King at the Second Coming. Advent is a time of preparing our hearts. Amy Orr-Ewing describes what it will be like when we enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 20th: David Peterson

    Episode 20

    The Coming King at the Second Coming. Why will Jesus come back to earth? David Peterson explains how Jesus will bring salvation for those who are waiting for him.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 21st: Tanya Chand

    Episode 21

    The Coming King at the Nativity. For with God nothing will be impossible. Tanya Chand looks at the circumstances of Jesus birth and how God shows up in unusual ways.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 22nd: Stu Glassborow

    Episode 22

    The Coming King at the Nativity. It is so exciting to be a part of such a big family of Christ. Stu Glassborow reads from Luke chapter 2, reminding us that Jesus has come to save everyone!

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 23rd: Michael White

    Episode 23

    The Coming King at the Nativity. In the midst of dark situations, God brings breakthrough, Michael White encourages us to 'fear not' in these difficult times.

  • Advent 2020 - Dec 24th: Chlo Glassborow

    Episode 24

    The Coming King at the Nativity. What are we going to bring Jesus? Chlo Glassborow reads the story of the wise men who came to worship the new born King.